Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Emerson and the Nephilim

Meet the Nephilim

After the one called Samael cried out for his Lilith, several of the strongest angels fell to the Earth. The bravest of all, was one called Shemhazi and his twin brothers Uzza and Uzziel.  They pursued the one called Elohim to a small creation garden.  The angels could not enter regardless of their might and they began to cast their magic around the garden preventing the traitor Elohim from leaving.  The cries of the little Lilith could be heard through the spells and their hearts broke. For even though she could leave, they could not reach her.
For a thousand years they stood on the boundaries fighting to gain entry, but their hearts grew weary and they longed for their promised soul mates.  Women of the most stunning beauty came to the warriors and brought them food and sat with them as companions after their battles.  
They cleaned their wounds and soothed their hearts.  It was Shemhazi who approached the Great Fathers and asked for permission to marry one of the women. Elohim  The Great Fathers decreed, any warrior could marry and make his home in Cannaa who desired to love the Lord God with all their heart, soul and mind.  And so they were pure when they married and had beautiful children whose moral stature was beyond repute.
And others came and did not remain pure and corrupted the women. They did not marry and their children were born and were unrighteous as they did not follow the teachings of Yahweh, instead they followed the corrupted and jealous teachings of Elohim.
The Great Warriors petitioned the Angel Gabriel for help.  With a loud sounding of the mighty shofar, Gabriel proclaimed for all the world, “Hear the Words of your Father who created the spirits and souls within you.  From this day forward, you must put no other God before Yahweh. You must stop your corrupt practices. You must remain pure before your marriage in thought, word, and deed. If you disobey my command a great deluge will rain upon the earth and I will wipe out all of the evil here.

On the Day of the Purge, the Great Warriors left the garden and ascended to the heavens to rain down judgement, trapping Elohim in Eden. And a great sadness extended into all the realms and dominions. No unrighteous creature was spared. Yahweh promised never again would he allow such destruction to happen.  As a sign of His promise, He threw a bow of colors into the sky.
No new creations have occurred since that day.  All the Creators were sent to their worlds and no new apprentices were born.  The Nebulae were barren for the first time in history and Yahweh left the Enlightened Sphere for a time and darkness was without the light and was confused.

The Lilith Scroll Folio 25

Emerson sat alone in the Starbucks.  He was missing something.  Just out of his grasp, the memory slips away. Grasping at images who eluded him he swore under his breath. Something was just not right. He was anxious; unsettled.  Nephilim are not anxious.  They are powerful, mighty, strong, and heroes.   They are definitely not anxious. And yet here he was, sitting in a Starbuck’s- feeling anxious.
“It was that blasted dream again. I can’t get her out of my mind. Who is she and why do I keep dreaming of her? And where is this cave?” He grumbled out loud to no one in particular.
Running his hands through his curly copper hair, trying to brush the dream out of his head, he concentrated on the scenery in the present.  As an MI-6 operative, he needed to concentrate on his task at hand. Watch over the girl. Keep her safe at all costs.  She is the most valuable person on the planet. Your life is forfeit if she dies.
That was all the missive had said other than her name and whereabouts: Lilith Amaranth St. Claire, Scotland- PhD candidate Early Christian Theology, specializing in the Illuminati.
When he had read that last part, his skin began to crawl.  How in the wide world of sports had MI-6 stumbled on this girl? She wasn’t really part of this world.  She was part of his world.  The world which consists of real vampires, shape shifters, fairies, dragons, phoenix, sorcerers, wizards, magi, seraphs dominions and watchers.  His world was only for the devout. The true believer, ones who had the same powers or else you were marked and then damned. The Illuminati..... they couldn’t be back. The Great Purge.... was a final judgement. They weren't needed.....or were they?
Watching her across the Starbucks, he was struck by her quiet beauty and shy smile.  She was alone and writing in her journal- probably about her boyfriend or clothes. He focused on her mind and quietly delved into her thoughts. Nothing.  There was nothing.  It was like she wasn’t there.  He could see her.  He could see her, but she had no trace of essence.  She was not human.  Not even a little.  And she was powerful.  Extremely powerful. 
He had never seen this level of blocking magic before.  Even the most skilled left a trace, but not this little red head, journaling in a Starbucks.  She was a vapor. He her skill in hiding was unmatched.  Interesting, little one.  What are you?
Emerson continued watching Lilith as she sat drinking her coffee.  He noticed when she cast a warming spell; it was subtle and she didn’t even have to say the spell.  Another interesting facet in the mystery of Lilith St. Clare.  “I can’t get caught in her web.” He muttered to no one in particular.

“No wonder you don’t have a woman, Emer.” A perky voice says from over his shoulder.
Sigh...“I don’t have time for you Emma.  Go pester someone else. I’m actually working.  Don’t you have somewhere to be.”
“Nope. No where at all, other than sitting here drinking coffee with you, watching you, watch some waif of a charge.” She sasses back.
“Emma dear, you can’t be seen. I look like I’m talking to myself and people are starting to stare.  Get up and walk away and come back all proper if you are drink coffee with me.”  Emerson levels her with a stare.
“Fine, I’ll be right back.” And with that, her short bouncy blond curls disappeared and reappeared outside the cafe visible to everyone as a cute 20 something bouncing beauty set to meet up with a friend for coffee.

“Better?” She charmed.
“Much better. I like the sundress. It brings out the amber in your eyes.”  Emma blushed under his compliment. 
“Hmmm... if I had known I could get you to stop talking with compliments, I would never cease waxing poetic about your beauty and kindness.”  Emma ducked her head to her coffee to avoid his gaze. 
“Well, if I thought you actually meant them, I would be quite flattered Emerson. But since I neither possess the beauty you speak of, nor the manner in which to capture your fancy, I shall just enjoy your company and look for someone else to appreciate my charms.” Emma said to the lid of her latte.

Emerson squeezed his cup so hard at her last comment, he popped the lid off and coffee flew all over the table.  Emma looked over at Emerson with a bewildered look on her face and for one fleeting moment she was sure his eyes were lit with jealousy.
Serves you right Emerson. You’ve had plenty of time.  I am done waiting for you. Emma projected the thoughts into his mind and watched his scowl grow deeper.
Emma glanced over to the girl with the long auburn curls. She was bent over a journal writing. Who was she? Why couldn’t she get a read on her?  Just then, Emma felt a blanket of very powerful magic overcome her and she looked to Emerson in shock as he was feeling the same thing.

“Emerson, please tell me that is not what I think it is?” Emma whispered.
“Emma, honey, I need you leave right now.  You understand me? Leave! NOW!”  Emma vanished without questioning him.  
Emerson stood and started walking over to Lilith who had just looked up and shielded herself from the strange and ancient magic surging around them and cast a spell to reveal the ancients around her.  Interesting, Enoch was here.  I thought he was still in Cairo. Daniel too.  Very interesting company indeed for such a small town...
After the spell was cast, Lilith passed out on the cafe table. Emerson appeared at her side immediately.  For one so powerful, this spell was simple enough. He cast a shell around her, drew his sword and stood watch over her sleeping form.  Time stood still for the humans and for the first time in a 6 millennia, Emerson feared what and who was in this little town. 
“Hear this, those who watch over the one called Lilith. I am coming for each of you.  The depths of Sheol, will seem like paradise compared to the suffering you shall endure under my hand.  She will be mine, and nothing you and your little Nephilim and Watchers do will save her from me. I am coming and you can no longer stop me.” 
Emerson looked to see if time has resumed and saw, there in the Starbucks, stood the Illuminati Council, with swords drawn in protection of Lilith. The Forgotten Ones had come out of seclusion to protect this little grad student. No! No good can come of this. Whoever she is, she required the protection of heaven. These were the ancient protectors of all genesis. Here in Scotland. At a Starbucks. This was not good at all.  In fact, of all the things this is, good is not even a choice on the list. 
Emerson turned to the nearest one and bowed, “Magi Daniel, you have much to disclose it seems about your new student and my new charge.”
Daniel hung his head, “Yes. Young Emerson, much needs to be discussed. Please bring her to my house and call Raziel.  He needs to inform his brothers- Elohim has escaped Eden and is coming for us.  For all of us.”  Daniel turned to the others.  
“It has begun....that which began before time and has never ended.  The traitor Elohim has escaped Eden and is coming.  You must protect the Princess at all costs. Your life is forfeit without hers.  We must continue our search for Sam.  He must be found.  She can not defeat Elohim without him.  Go. You know what you must do.  And she must not find out from one of you.  Lilith St. Clare must discover who she is. We can not help her in this task.  Please report your findings to myself. That will be all. May the Spirit of God guide you in your quest.”
The Council of the Illuminati all bowed in deference to the great Magi and vanished. Emerson looked at the quite beauty and heard one word resounding in his mind over and over again....princess

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet Samael

         I dreamed of her today.  The dreams are the worst and best parts of my day. Here is where we can be together. Here is where we grow up together, as was intended.  In the dreamscape, we are children growing in friendship. A friendship I know will become so much more.  A friendship that will define both of us and someday change the universe.
        Everyday is a new challenge, a new battle and a new quest to find my Lilith. When I breathe, it's as if I am missing a part of myself.  I am. Missing a part of myself.  I have no idea where she was taken. I don’t know who she really is. All I know is that I am meant to be with her. She is part of me. Part of my cosmic makeup. I need to find the one called Lilith. I need her in the deepest, most tragic and incorrigible way. The wholeness I seek was already given to me and in a moment, horrifically stolen. But my love for her, my need for her, my desire for her is as immeasurable as it is immortal. 
          I will find her and when I do, the one who took her- well, not even the great Creator will be able to save him from my wrath.  1000 lifetimes will not be long enough for the torture I have in store for the one called Elohim.  Death would be a gift.  But I chose to give him life. A life filled with regret, disappointments, but most of all pain. My gift to him will be a pain which can not be healed. The pain of living sin. The pain of living without the love of the Master Creator, the pain of gaining and losing those you love over and over again. And that is just the beginning of what I have in store for Elohim. I am coming Lilith. Please hold on a little longer. I will always try to find you in your dreams. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What dreams may come

Every year on Oct. 24th she has a dream.  A dream about a boy with golden hair, sapphire eyes and smile just for her. The dream is always the same.  She is standing in a garden in front of a Yggrasail tree.  Gazing at the designs on the truck she makes a wish, "Please send me to where I belong."  The inky blackness envelops her and she watches the stars streaked by as she is transported to another realm. When she opens her eyes, she is in a similar garden in front of larger Yggrasail tree. As she turns around she hears a swoosh and a laugh. Bam! Lilith is airborne as she is knocked down by a boy on a swing.

“Who are you?” he asks. 
“I’m Lilith”
“How do you come out of the tree?” he questions.
“I... I’m not sure. I stood before a similar tree in my garden at home and made a wish.”
His eyes grow wider. “You... you have magic? but you are so young. I have been studying my entire life and all I can do is grow plants and heal small animals.  My dad says I’ll be stronger when I get older.”
“How old are you?” she asks shyly.
“I’m 12. My coming of age ritual is in the fall.”
Recognition flitted across her brow.
“Mine too. I’m really nervous. I don’t want to embarass myself and no one knows about my magic and I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble if anyone found out about it.”  Lilith realized for the first time in her life, she had revealed the truth.  Not even her best friend Raz knew about her travels to the other realms in her dreams and her awareness of her powers.

“I guess that makes us around the same age. My birthday is October 24th at sunset. When is yours?”  When the little boy finished speaking the last word, Lilith’s world shifted.  Magic crepted out from her heart and spread throughout her body. A bright white light appeared and travelled over her skin, leaving behind marks in the language of the Creators.  Scared and unmoving, Lilith waited and wondered.  

What was happening? What did he do? What does this mean?

“Lilith, are you ok? What’s happening? What are you doing?” The little boy was becoming frantic.

“Shhhh....just watch. Let the magic finish. Whatever you do, don’t move.” Lilith whispered as she was frozen stiff.  She knew what was happening.  She’d heard the Thrones talking about this kind of spell. It was reversal magic. Someone had used magic on Lilith.  Old magic.  Binding Magic. She recognized the Runes as the Creator language and as she read the marks, a spell used to take away a soul or part of a soul, to hide it and bury it was revealed. Only one's soulmate could reverse it.  Who was this boy? His power rivaled hers. 

The white light flared all around Lilith and her necklace began to hum a song. The little boy stood there and watched as this little girl with freckles and red curls studied the writing on her arms.  He knew that song.  His grandmother had sung it to him every night when he was small.  And every night She would tell him, “Don’t forget these words my little Sam.  They will point the way to the one who will save us all.  She is your Dialythei and she will save us all.”

Sam stood still and listened to the humming of his song. When it started over again, he sang the words he hadn’t sung since the night his grandmother was murdered.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Immortality Scroll-Scroll 3 folio 9

This scroll was the hardest to translate because of the complexity of the ancient grammar.  It is very similar to a passage you may already know.  Enjoy.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God of All, and the Word was the God. He, the Word, was with the God in the beginning. Through the Word all things were made; without the Word nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. She was in the world, and though the world was made through her, the world did not recognize the Elohim God. She and the Kelipot came to that which was their own, while the one called Samael born in the same hour looked for her, but Elohim’s own world did not accept him because of the harm he caused to the Lilith. Yet to all who did receive the Lilith, to those who believed in her name, The Lord of All gave the right to become children of God—children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of the God of All. And so there would be the Lilith and her protector dwelling among us. And she would have her Samael and the glory of the One God will grant us full grace.

Scroll 3 folio 9

Scroll 2 folio 3 and Scroll 4-translated

The 10 stone thrones carved out of sapphires stood tall and elegant.  In each, sat one of the leaders of the heavenly hosts. Behind each was a Seraphim with a flaming sword, proof of the station they held. The floor, made of stone, had tiles with ancient writings magically etched in gemstones in the language of the heavens. Writings depicting the creation of each realm surrounded amethyst gems containing the secret Genesis.
The ancient magic came from above and below, surrounding those present.  He chanted the mystical spell over and over again, يجب ألا يكون هناك حياة. لا شيء يأتي من كل شيء.  From nothing comes everything.  
But in that moment where the spark becomes life, the Master Creator took some of himself and put it in the little being, hiding it from all the hosts of heaven, because he was lonely.

Scroll 4

As the Lilith sat huddled in the cave hidden from all the heavenly hosts, she trembled and was afraid.  The darkness surrounded her and pulled at her kelipot, but it remained intact for the kelipot was strong and fought the darkness trying to steal her light.  The light shone in the darkness and the darkness could not understand it.
As the Lilith looked into the darkness, a light began to shine from within herself.  Knowledge of herself and her powers became aware.  And the Lilith shone with a bright light seeking something she lost, and she fell asleep and dreamed.

Scroll 2 folio 3

Meet Jophiel

What does Jophiel the Archangel look like?  I imagine him looking a lot like Daniel Craig. Ok I imagine him looking EXACTLY like Daniel Craig.  He's very strong, well built, ruthless, and compassionate.

Here is what I found on Jophiel's playlist when I swiped his iPod.

Muse- Supermassive Black Hole
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Higher Ground
AC/DC- Back in Black
Skillet- Monster
Skillet- Hero
Ashes Remain-End of Me
Ashes Remain- Change my Life
Stone Sour- Gone Sovereign

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lilith Scroll- 2nd Scroll Folio 5

....and the host of heaven was divided into the 5 realms searching for the Lilith and her kelipot. The Aeon Sophia and the Grigori King Asmodeus, who were chosen to teach the Lilith kelipot, were distraught over her abduction. They, along with Samael, begin to scry for her, seeking her light throughout the realms.  In the darkness, they sought her light. Each realm, every emanation, constantly seeking.
Calmly, Samael sat in the middle of the Genesis floor and called his power from within to catch her.  It was in the 12th minute of her life, Samael found her. Calling on the spirit part of his soul, Samael marked her wrist and gave her all his current power.  He gave her all that was his to give and along with Sophia and Asmodeus the power became so great it could not be quelled.
For the first time, in all of time, there became a being greater than any other. The young kelipot had the power of all the Gods contained within her.   The Aeon, the King, and the angel all looked down and trembled in awe of what they had done and were astounded by their abilities. For only the purest and greatest love could accomplish the Giving Spell. 
But the little kelipot must remain pure of heart and spirit, lest her power consume her. The Aeon Sophia gave her an ever growing sapphire necklace to harness the power within and bind the power to the kelipot’s spirit. For every passing anniversary of their creation, the necklace would grow each year, until the Lilith kelipot was reunited with her Samael.
Scroll 2 folio 5