Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A chapter excerpt- The Fall

October 24th present day
The sky was a clear blue without a cloud to mar the atmospheric perfection.  Tiny droplets of crystalline dew clung to the grass as the sun rose majestically over the horizon.  As I sit on a hill gazing at the Great Tree in the center of the garden, I reminisce about a time long forgotten. 
I am the only one who comes here anymore. It’s too depressing for the others.  A time long since lost, but not forgotten.  No, never forgotten. Everything was lost and nothing would ever be the same again. 
I am not sure why I return here. I suppose it’s to try to remember. I can’t seem to remember. My first memories are of being transported away from something and I ended up here.  All I know is I am missing something and every year my sapphire necklace grows a new sapphire on my birthday. 
As I walk through the garden where I once played as a child, I try to remember.

A very long time ago....

“Who are you? Where am I?” I am frantic. I know something is wrong. Something happened. It was night and now it is day.  There is another Great Tree, but this one seems different.  It’s not as tall and full. There is a waterfall behind this tree and the thrones are gone. Something else is gone as well.  I wish I could remember what it is.

“Be calm little one.  All is well. You are safe.  My name is Elohim and this is Eden.  You are safe here.”

I look around and took in the splendor of what looked like a typical garden.  The beauty is unparalleled. Later I would realize this was a typical creation garden. A place where life would begin and the Creator would live in harmony with his people, but I did not seem to belong here.

“Why am I here?” I demand.

“You are here because I wish it. Adam will be along shortly”  As he said the words an uneasiness settled over me.  I knew he was lying, but about what?  I look around and didn’t see Adam anywhere.
“Adam is out naming some of the animals we created this morning. Walk with me?”  I look down at my feet. “Sure.”

I was unsure about this Creator.  Something didn’t seem right.  He wanted us to walk with him in his creation and talk with him, this Adam was not here to greet me when we split apart as was custom and to top it all off I had a feeling of wariness around Elohim.

Adam walked up from behind the tree.  He was tall, well sculpted and with hair black as night.  His eyes shone like the sun in a golden hue. When he saw me, he smiled. I dropped my head and felt something appear around my neck. 
Elohim just stopped mid creation and stared. A sapphire and diamond necklace was forming.  The gems were set in nickel and zinc and there did not seem to be a beginning or end. 
“What is that Elohim? Is that her collar to remind her to serve me?” He chuckled.
My mouth dropped open.  No creation was to serve another.  It was outlawed.  We were created to be together. To share everything. To BE together. This was wrong. Something was wrong. I started feeling sick. I knew I was young. Hours old. But I knew this was not right.
“Elohim is he right? Did you do this? Am I to serve him?” I was growing angry.  My powers were still new, raw and I could feel them growing. I couldn’t control them. Elohim kept silent and watched me with wide eyes. Creations weren’t supposed to have magic.  Those that Creators
“Lilith. Are you ok? You don’t look so well.” Elohim asked looking genuinely concerned.

As he spoke a rage bubbled up out of me.  My unbridled magic flew out and around me. It created a shield between me and Elohim.  My necklace began to glow and it amplified the spell I somehow knew to cast. “حمايتي من الأذى”  The words protect me from harm were said over and over. Elohim stubbled backward shocked. 
At once, a being appeared before me with his flaming sword drawn.
“Get behind me little one. My name is Jophiel. Your Samael sent me.” He said.  He was well over 6 feet tall.  I barely reached his shoulder.  As I moved to get behind him, my shield began to collapse.  Elohim reached for me and tried to grab my arm. He was chanting his own spell.  He was so much more powerful than me.  I could feel the numbing sensation of his spell, wash over me through my shield.  I was forgetting what to think. I was forgetting and growing weaker.

“Step back, Eli.  I would hate to hurt you. The Master just wants her back. And it’s her will to go.  You can’t keep her here.  She’s not what you think.  He will come for you and nothing will protect you from his wrath.” The large Serph stood his ground and took Adam by the throat and tossed him into the Tree and he disappeared before my very eyes. He leveled his flaming sword at Elohim’s throat.
“Today, you will pay.  You have taken what was not yours. Tried to corrupt it and make it unholy.  Your punishment is watching your creation fail.  Everyday for the next eternity, your people will fail you.  You will love them.  Each one of them. Your greatest desire will be their love, but you will not get it.  They will now get to chose whether or not to worship you.  Your punishment is Free Will and it can not be reversed.  And just to be clear my young friend, I’m leaving guards here to keep you and Adam out of the Garden and away from the Tree.”

I watched as Elohim blanched at Jophiel’s words and I heard his voice “How did he knew of the prophecy?  It must have been Raz and his blasted secret book.  I took her to prevent this! Didn’t they understand. This is why I took her!!!  She would change everything. She would bring magic to my garden.  She already had and didn’t realize it. She would be different. She was different. Adam would teach her. He would show her how to submit. Now I have lost everything!”  I could hear his thoughts like they were own.  This shouldn’t possible. How could I hear him? He was a Creator!

Jo urged me to stand strong in my mind. “Servant.” That’s what Adam had said.  I was to serve him.  I cried and began falling to my knees. I couldn’t stand up and hold my shield around me anymore.  As I fell toward the tree voices began shouting.
“NOOOOOOO!!!! Don’t touch the Tree.”  And then everything went black.

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