Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lilith Scroll- 2nd Scroll Folio 5

....and the host of heaven was divided into the 5 realms searching for the Lilith and her kelipot. The Aeon Sophia and the Grigori King Asmodeus, who were chosen to teach the Lilith kelipot, were distraught over her abduction. They, along with Samael, begin to scry for her, seeking her light throughout the realms.  In the darkness, they sought her light. Each realm, every emanation, constantly seeking.
Calmly, Samael sat in the middle of the Genesis floor and called his power from within to catch her.  It was in the 12th minute of her life, Samael found her. Calling on the spirit part of his soul, Samael marked her wrist and gave her all his current power.  He gave her all that was his to give and along with Sophia and Asmodeus the power became so great it could not be quelled.
For the first time, in all of time, there became a being greater than any other. The young kelipot had the power of all the Gods contained within her.   The Aeon, the King, and the angel all looked down and trembled in awe of what they had done and were astounded by their abilities. For only the purest and greatest love could accomplish the Giving Spell. 
But the little kelipot must remain pure of heart and spirit, lest her power consume her. The Aeon Sophia gave her an ever growing sapphire necklace to harness the power within and bind the power to the kelipot’s spirit. For every passing anniversary of their creation, the necklace would grow each year, until the Lilith kelipot was reunited with her Samael.
Scroll 2 folio 5

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