Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What dreams may come

Every year on Oct. 24th she has a dream.  A dream about a boy with golden hair, sapphire eyes and smile just for her. The dream is always the same.  She is standing in a garden in front of a Yggrasail tree.  Gazing at the designs on the truck she makes a wish, "Please send me to where I belong."  The inky blackness envelops her and she watches the stars streaked by as she is transported to another realm. When she opens her eyes, she is in a similar garden in front of larger Yggrasail tree. As she turns around she hears a swoosh and a laugh. Bam! Lilith is airborne as she is knocked down by a boy on a swing.

“Who are you?” he asks. 
“I’m Lilith”
“How do you come out of the tree?” he questions.
“I... I’m not sure. I stood before a similar tree in my garden at home and made a wish.”
His eyes grow wider. “You... you have magic? but you are so young. I have been studying my entire life and all I can do is grow plants and heal small animals.  My dad says I’ll be stronger when I get older.”
“How old are you?” she asks shyly.
“I’m 12. My coming of age ritual is in the fall.”
Recognition flitted across her brow.
“Mine too. I’m really nervous. I don’t want to embarass myself and no one knows about my magic and I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble if anyone found out about it.”  Lilith realized for the first time in her life, she had revealed the truth.  Not even her best friend Raz knew about her travels to the other realms in her dreams and her awareness of her powers.

“I guess that makes us around the same age. My birthday is October 24th at sunset. When is yours?”  When the little boy finished speaking the last word, Lilith’s world shifted.  Magic crepted out from her heart and spread throughout her body. A bright white light appeared and travelled over her skin, leaving behind marks in the language of the Creators.  Scared and unmoving, Lilith waited and wondered.  

What was happening? What did he do? What does this mean?

“Lilith, are you ok? What’s happening? What are you doing?” The little boy was becoming frantic.

“Shhhh....just watch. Let the magic finish. Whatever you do, don’t move.” Lilith whispered as she was frozen stiff.  She knew what was happening.  She’d heard the Thrones talking about this kind of spell. It was reversal magic. Someone had used magic on Lilith.  Old magic.  Binding Magic. She recognized the Runes as the Creator language and as she read the marks, a spell used to take away a soul or part of a soul, to hide it and bury it was revealed. Only one's soulmate could reverse it.  Who was this boy? His power rivaled hers. 

The white light flared all around Lilith and her necklace began to hum a song. The little boy stood there and watched as this little girl with freckles and red curls studied the writing on her arms.  He knew that song.  His grandmother had sung it to him every night when he was small.  And every night She would tell him, “Don’t forget these words my little Sam.  They will point the way to the one who will save us all.  She is your Dialythei and she will save us all.”

Sam stood still and listened to the humming of his song. When it started over again, he sang the words he hadn’t sung since the night his grandmother was murdered.

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