Friday, February 8, 2013

Scroll 2 folio 3 and Scroll 4-translated

The 10 stone thrones carved out of sapphires stood tall and elegant.  In each, sat one of the leaders of the heavenly hosts. Behind each was a Seraphim with a flaming sword, proof of the station they held. The floor, made of stone, had tiles with ancient writings magically etched in gemstones in the language of the heavens. Writings depicting the creation of each realm surrounded amethyst gems containing the secret Genesis.
The ancient magic came from above and below, surrounding those present.  He chanted the mystical spell over and over again, يجب ألا يكون هناك حياة. لا شيء يأتي من كل شيء.  From nothing comes everything.  
But in that moment where the spark becomes life, the Master Creator took some of himself and put it in the little being, hiding it from all the hosts of heaven, because he was lonely.

Scroll 4

As the Lilith sat huddled in the cave hidden from all the heavenly hosts, she trembled and was afraid.  The darkness surrounded her and pulled at her kelipot, but it remained intact for the kelipot was strong and fought the darkness trying to steal her light.  The light shone in the darkness and the darkness could not understand it.
As the Lilith looked into the darkness, a light began to shine from within herself.  Knowledge of herself and her powers became aware.  And the Lilith shone with a bright light seeking something she lost, and she fell asleep and dreamed.

Scroll 2 folio 3

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