Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The first folio of the Lilith Scroll- translated into English

From the Lilith Scroll

....and the new one came into existence after the last ray of the sun disappeared behind the Great Tree. The being existed as two wrapped in one body and was then separated.  One was female and called Lilith, meaning of the night. The second was male and called Samael, meaning God has heard.  Born of the same being, forever entwined, their souls joined in their very creation.
A great cry was heard and all turned to see the new Creator, known to the Thrones as Elohim. He took the little Lilith not yet ready to be separated from her Samael, and ran away through the Great Tree to a secret place leaving the one named Samael behind.  Split apart from his Lilith, the Samael cried and cast out his magic to chase her and brand her with his mark.
All the Watchers stood transfixed as they stared at the spot where Samael cried before the Great Tree.  And so the Fall began.  Sides were chosen and families divided. The hosts of Heaven readied themselves for war as they began to search the realms for the rogue Creator and Lilith. 
No place was safe for Elohim now.  Creation of a new realm was his only option. But he was young and inexperienced and his creations had all had problems

Scroll 1 folio 1

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