Saturday, February 23, 2013

Meet Samael

         I dreamed of her today.  The dreams are the worst and best parts of my day. Here is where we can be together. Here is where we grow up together, as was intended.  In the dreamscape, we are children growing in friendship. A friendship I know will become so much more.  A friendship that will define both of us and someday change the universe.
        Everyday is a new challenge, a new battle and a new quest to find my Lilith. When I breathe, it's as if I am missing a part of myself.  I am. Missing a part of myself.  I have no idea where she was taken. I don’t know who she really is. All I know is that I am meant to be with her. She is part of me. Part of my cosmic makeup. I need to find the one called Lilith. I need her in the deepest, most tragic and incorrigible way. The wholeness I seek was already given to me and in a moment, horrifically stolen. But my love for her, my need for her, my desire for her is as immeasurable as it is immortal. 
          I will find her and when I do, the one who took her- well, not even the great Creator will be able to save him from my wrath.  1000 lifetimes will not be long enough for the torture I have in store for the one called Elohim.  Death would be a gift.  But I chose to give him life. A life filled with regret, disappointments, but most of all pain. My gift to him will be a pain which can not be healed. The pain of living sin. The pain of living without the love of the Master Creator, the pain of gaining and losing those you love over and over again. And that is just the beginning of what I have in store for Elohim. I am coming Lilith. Please hold on a little longer. I will always try to find you in your dreams. 

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